Mulch America is a company that cares about safety and the environment. Our color enhanced wood mulch is harmless to children and pets and is environmentally friendly and healthy for your plants and soil. There is a lot to learn about Mulch America when it comes to deciding on a product that will fit your needs.

When customers purchase color enhanced mulch, they are supporting the environment by using a recycled product. A Mulch America product takes longer to decompose, meaning it does not have to be replaced as often. In the long run this superior product can mean a significant savings for customers. And one thing customers like about Mulch America is that the products provide a sense of satisfaction in knowing that no trees are needlessly cut down to provide mulch for their yard or other landscaping.

The company manufactures four different mulch products, all designed to enhance landscaping for stunning curb appeal. High quality, long lasting mulch certainly makes a distinctive impression.

Take a moment to review the Mulch America product line and compare what each variety offers. It may also be helpful to understand what color enhanced means when talking about Mulch America products. Essentially, mulch that has been color enhanced allows water to penetrate to the soil level while also incorporating texture and rich hues into the landscape.

In learning more about Mulch America products, customers will understand there is a difference from other brands. The more gradual decomposition of color enhanced mulch results in a slower draw of nitrogen preventing any burning of plant material and making the mulch ideal for annuals, perennials and ornamentals. So this means while the mulch product is providing excellent covering, it is also helping to preserve the environment.

Customers are able to order their favorite Mulch America products year round for pickup or delivery. The thing about Mulch America products is that they are versatile and effective in a variety of applications.

Consider using mulch around a bed of shrubs, at the base of trees, on a playground or as ground cover for walking paths or driveways. Whether the area needs a few bags of mulch or a bulk order, Mulch America is able to supply enough for the project.

Mulch America, based in Wilmington, Ohio, is a part of the family of companies owned by R.L.R. Investments, LLC.

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