Brown Mulch

Mulch Pricing

  • Red, Black and Brown Mulch: $36 per scoop
  • Natural Mulch: $25 per scoop
  • Bagged Mulch (Red, Black, Brown): $3.95 per bag

The Mulch America Way

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Brown mulch is a beautiful addition to your landscape. Mulch America’s triple-processed Chocolate Brown Mulch is a rich mulch perfect for accenting your plants, trees, shrubs and more. Our dark brown mulch has a shredded appearance, setting it apart from nuggets.  Learn more about why brown mulch is good for your garden and landscape.

Why Use Brown Mulch?

Mulch can be a good investment for your home or business landscape. Mulch is a layer of material placed over the soil to hold in water and discourage weeds while allowing nutrients and air to enter the soil. Color enhanced mulch allows water to penetrate evenly, allowing moisture to reach all sections of your bed’s soils. Other mulches absorb water on contact and don’t allow the ground to breathe properly.

Mulches reduce weed growth and retain moisture in the soil. Mulches can also protect the soil from erosion, keep soil-borne diseases at bay, keep soil temperatures consistent, and keep your plants clean. Mulches break down slowly, adding nutrients over time to the soil. Additionally, brown mulch can add visual interest to landscapes, adding to aesthetic natural beauty.

Brown colored mulch can suit a variety of landscapes and garden. Imagine seeing colorful perennials and annuals pop against Chocolate Brown Mulch. Mulch America’s brown mulch is color enhanced. This means the rich color will last much longer than with traditional mulch.

Benefits of Using Brown Mulch

You’ll find many reasons why using Mulch America’s Chocolate Brown Mulch is good for your landscape.


Brown mulch offers a natural hue that looks great in a variety of landscapes. Additionally, Mulch America’s color enhanced brown mulch will keep it’s color all season and beyond.

Prevent Weeds

Weeds can remove nutrients from your garden and ruin the look of your clean landscape. Brown mulch can deter weeds from sprouting and can help kill existing weeds by covering them and blocking sunlight.

Repel Insects

Brown mulch can help naturally repel insects like termites, cockroaches and crickets. . Some research suggests that these insects don’t like the dyes used in color enhanced mulch.

Add Moisture

Brown mulch is good for soil, adding nutrients and moisture. Mulch will prevent water from being evaporated from your soil by the sun, keeping your plants in the moisture-rich environment they need to grow.

Hold Temperature

Ohio summers can be steamy and winters can be frigid. Mulch can help protect your plants from fluctuating temperatures by providing a layer of insulation above the soil.

How to Use Brown Mulch

It’s important to know that mulch can be applied around established plants at any time. Newly planted plants should be mulched after they are planted and thoroughly watered. Organic mulches will gradually decompose and need replenishing to function effectively. How often this needs to be done will depend on the mulching material used. Pine bark and wood chips break down very slowly and need only to be replenished every two or three years, while other woods may be more often. Learn more about how to use brown mulch.

Step 1: Measure

The first step in using brown mulch is to determine the space you want to cover with mulch. You’ll want to measure the width and length of your flower bed, then multiply the two numbers to get the square footage of the area you’d like to cover. For example, a 8-foot by 6-foot flower bed or garden would be 48 square feet.  Then you’ll need to decide how deep you’d like the mulch to be. Most garden experts recommend 3 inches of mulch. Each bag of Mulch of America brown mulch should cover about 2 cubic feet. Each bag will likely cover approximately 6 square feet at a three-inch depth. This means you’ll need about 6 bags to cover your 48-square foot garden.

Step 2: Spread the Mulch

Suit up in comfortable old clothes and some gardening gloves. It’s important you wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained and gloves, as brown coloring residue can leave traces of color on your clothing and skin.

Start by pouring mulch around existing plants. Don’t cover any seeds that haven’t sprouted yet. Use your hands or a rake to spread the mulch to your desired depth — usually about 3 inches. It’s wise to keep the mulch a few inches from the base of bushes, trunks of trees and the foundation of your house or building.

Mulch should cover entire beds of shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials and/or ground cover. Mulching is an extremely important practice for establishing plants. Mulch helps to conserve moisture in the root ball of the new soil. Mulch also helps discourage weeds that can compete with new plants for water and nutrients. In addition to being useful around plants, mulch can be used as a ground cover for walks, pathways, driveways, play and natural areas.

After the mulch is spread, it’s time to water your plants. The mulch will help your soil hold moisture, improving the fertility and helping your plants grow.

Step 3: Make the Color Last

Color enhanced mulch has many advantages over conventional mulches. The most obvious are the rich hues, achieved through a unique patented process, but you’ll discover many other pluses as well. Though it is designed to fade less than other mulches, it might fade slightly over the growing season. Raking and turning the mulch every 3 or 4 months will help it keep it’s dark, chocolate brown color.

Why Mulch America?

Mulch America makes our brown mulch from 100 percent recycled sources. This means no trees were cut down to make our mulch.

Mulch America is a company that cares about safety and the environment. Our mulch is harmless to children and pets, and is environmentally friendly and healthy for you plants and soil. The more gradual decomposition of color enhanced mulch results in a slower draw of nitrogen preventing any burning of plant material and making the mulch ideal for annuals, perennials and ornamentals.

You can be sure the distinctive color that sets our mulch apart in the garden centers will carry over to an eye-catching display around your home or buildings. Our premium color enhanced mulch is processed 3 times so you will have the comfort of knowing that the vivid color of your mulch will hold firm from spring through fall. The longevity is what makes color enhanced mulch superior to other mulches that tend to appear lackluster in just a few months.

Mulch America also makes it easy to get your mulch. We offer both pickup and delivery service. Customers can pick up mulch at our facility any time during normal operating hours. Mulch America also offers a year-round delivery service for our mulch. There are multiple delivery options available to suit your needs. Wholesale mulch is also available.