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    We aim to respond to all Wholesale Mulch Price Quote Request inquiries within 48 hours, during regular business hours.

    Each year Mulch America produces a large quantity of high quality mulch and is pleased to supply a variety of wholesale customers. Mulch America uses a unique patented process. We can offer a competitive price for wholesale mulch on both bulk and bagged products. Our wholesale mulch customers are able to secure a competitive price based on order size.

    In order to qualify as a wholesaler, customers need to purchase a minimum of a half semi-load of bagged material or a full load of bulk material. Select from the four distinctive colors of mulch. All of these high quality, distinctive mulch products will add a special touch to your landscaping.

    Take a moment to complete and submit the application below to request wholesale pricing from Mulch America. A member of our team will review the application and respond within about 48 hours during normal business hours. The Mulch America team looks forward to serving your wholesale mulch needs now and in the future!

    Our Mulch Recycling Process

    Eco-friendly mulch is safe, convenient and affordable

    Mulch America uses premium hard and soft wood to create mulch. After the initial step, the color enhancing process begins to produce the four mulch colors. Wholesale customers can select from different consistencies of much as well. This unique patented process yields a product that is deemed environmentally friendly for plants and soil.

    The vivid colors of mulch include black, brown, red and natural. The safe color enhancement process helps create mulch that compliments any landscaped area. And although color enhanced, Mulch America products allow water to reach the soil beneath to protect against evaporation.