When to Mulch in Ohio

When to Mulch in Ohio

Mulch can do great things for your landscape. It retains moisture, prevents weeds, keeps soil temperature even, repels insects and more. Learn when to mulch in Ohio and get the most out of your landscape.

Mulch is a great investment for your home or business landscape. Mulch is a layer of wood material that is placed over the soil to hold in water and prevent weeds from growing. Mulch still allows nutrients and water to enter the soil.

You can protect your bed’s soil from erosion, keep diseases away, keep soil temperatures consistent and keep your plants clean by properly applying a layer of mulch. Mulches break down slowly, adding nutrients over time to the soil.

Mulch America’s mulch is triple processed. This allows our color enhanced mulch to look great all season long. Imagine seeing the flowers and plants in your landscape pop against a later of brown, black, red or natural mulch.

When to Mulch in Ohio: Spring and Fall

According to information from the Ohio State University (OSU), the best times to mulch in Ohio are in the spring and fall.

May is For Mulching: When to Mulch in Ohio

Spring is a great time to apply mulch in Ohio. In the spring, the soil has warmed up and has dried up from winter’s rain and snow. This makes mid to late spring the perfect time to apply mulch. In a typical season, you might apply mulch in early May. According to OSU, Applying your mulch too soon can delay the soil drying. This can prevent root growth, which depends on oxygen entering the soil and warmer temperatures. Midwest weather can be finicky, so in seasons of particularly cool weather or above-average rainfall, you might be best delaying your spring mulching until late May or June.

Mulch as the Leaves Fall: When to Mulch in Ohio

Mulching in the fall can help protect your plants against the cold of winter. If you have perennials or fall-planted bulbs, a layer of mulch can help them get ready for the coming season. If you have established plants, when you mulch in the fall isn’t as important. Late autumn is the best time to mulch established plants in Ohio, according to OSU. Mulching in the fall will help slow the freezing and thawing process that can occur in the winter. Slowing the freezing and thawing process can help protect your plants from heaving, which can break the roots.

How to Mulch

When to Mulch in OhioNow that you know when to mulch in Ohio, it is time to learn the best method for applying mulch.

Step 1: Measure

The first step in mulching is measuring your bed. This will help you determine how much mulch you’ll need to use. To get started, measure the length and width of your bed. Next, you’ll multiply the numbers to get the square footage of your bed and the area you’d like to cover with mulch. As an example, an 8-foot by 6-foot flower bed or garden would be 48 square feet. From there, you’ll need to determine how deep you’d like the mulch to be. Most garden experts suggest using about 3 inches of mulch. Each bag of Mulch America mulch covers about 2 cubic feet or 6 square feet at a 3-inch depth. Based on these calculations, you’ll need approximately 6 bags of mulch to cover your 48-square foot bed.

Did you know that Mulch America makes it easy to get the mulch you need? We offer our customers delivery service or they can choose to pick up their mulch at our facility during our business hours. If you opt for our convenient delivery service, you’ll find a few different options available to suit your needs. Wholesale mulch is also available. Contact us today to learn more.

Step 2: Spread the Mulch

Start spreading your mulch by pouring some mulch out a few inches away from the base of your plants, trees or shrubbery. Spread the mulch out using a rake or a gloved hand until you have a depth of about 3 inches.

You’ll want to wear old clothes when spreading mulch. Color-enhanced mulch can leave a residue when it comes in contact with clothing and skin.

The mulch should cover the entire bed of shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials and/or ground cover. Mulching is an extremely important practice for establishing plants. You can use mulch in more ways then just in your garden or beds. In fact, mulch can be used as a ground cover for walks, pathways, driveways, play and natural areas.

Step 3: Water

After the mulch is spread around the desired area, you’ll want to water your plants. The mulch will allow the moisture to penetrate and will help nutrients seep into the soil.

Step 4: Make the Color Last

Mulch America’s color enhanced mulch will look great all season long. You can keep your mulch looking fresh by raking it to turn it every 3 or 4 months. This will help your mulch keep its rich color. You’ll find that color enhanced mulch has many advantages over conventional mulch. The most obvious advantage of choosing color enhanced mulch is the rich hues. We’re able to achieve our mulch’s deep brown, black, red and natural hues through a unique, patented process.

About Mulch America

Mulch America is a family-owned company. We care about the environment. Our mulch is made from 100 percent recycled sources, which means no trees were cut down to make our mulch. Additionally, our mulch is harmless to children and pets. Our mulch is environmentally friendly and healthy for you plants and soil. The more gradual decomposition of color enhanced mulch results in a slower draw of nitrogen preventing any burning of plant material and making the mulch ideal for annuals, perennials and ornamentals.

Knowing when to mulch in Ohio can help keep your garden and beds healthy all year long. Contact us today to learn more about Mulch America and our products.

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